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If you’ve ended up with a hair colour crisis because you took your chances with a box dye, have had a DIY bleaching disaster or simply have unwanted tones in your hair – don’t panic! Our team of specialist colour experts at SK Hairdressers in Notting Hill have the knowledge and ability to correct all hair colour issues.

Please note:  Clients who are new to hair colour or who have not had their hair coloured in the past six months are asked to have a quick skin allergy patch test 48 hours prior to their hair colour appointment.

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Correcting Hair Colour Disasters

hair colour correction at SK hair Salon Notting HillThe experts at Notting Hill’s SK Hair Salon have dealt with all kinds of hair colouring disasters and have the necessary skills to fix your hair colour problem, giving you back stunning hair colour results.

Hair colour carried out at home can results in unwanted orange or brassy tones.  Do not attempt to correct your hair colour issues at home, we’d strongly advise you get in touch with one of our hair colour professionals as soon as possible.

Hair Colour Turned Out Too Dark or Too Light?

Hair Colour Correction Services at SK hair & beauty salon Notting HillHas your hair colour turned out too dark? To get your hair back on track,  highlights can be added to help lighten your hair colour and brighten up your look. We can add multi-tonal lowlights in varying darker and warmer tones to change the depth of your hair colour.

Solve DIY Colour Problems at Top West London Hairdressing Salon

An incorrect colour application can lead to dark or varying colour bands down the length of your hair. It is rarely as simple as popping another colour over the top to solve it. It is a job best left to the hair colour experts at SK Hair Salon in Notting Hill who will assess and treat each individual strand of hair to give you beautiful results.


Visit The Hair Colour Correction Specialists in Notting Hill

To book your appointment at SK Hair Salon in Talbot Road, Notting Hill, and correct any hair colour issues you may be experiencing, please call 0207 985 0152.